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If you have a question don't hesitate to ask us. Please use the box below.

How the Tour works.

We meet you at the start of the Great Ocean Walk in Apollo Bay. We take your overnight bag hand over safety equipment, a packed lunch and give you a briefing then set you off on the journey.

We take your bag forward and set up a tent for you to arrive to, our staff make sure you arrive at camp. When you arrive there will be tea and coffee at camp. You will also have your own bag of cooking equipment, we will give you a homecooked dinner that we made earlier and then froze. You will just have to heat it up yourself, we've made the process as simple as possible. Wake up in the morning, repack your overnight bag, come get breakfast and your packed lunch. You're all set for another day's adventure! We pack up your tent and move it forward. At the end you get a transfer back to Apollo Bay.

We turn the big trek into an easy and enjoyable experience.


It is not a private tour, bookings are open for multiple groups. We use the official Great Ocean Walk Hike-In Campgrounds, except for on the last 2 nights of the 6 day walk and the last night of the 4 day walk you will stay in accommodation in Princetown. Princetown is located on the Great Ocean Walk.

The walk is user friendly with plenty of markers and our self-guided system allows every group to walk at their own pace.


Where do I meet for the walk?

The walk officially starts outside the Apollo Bay Information Centre at the car park (west side of the building.) There is a platform monument to mark the start of the walk.   

Is there anything I need to do or organize before going on the walk?

We do most of the organizing for you. The walk does start early in the morning (7am) so you will need to organize where you will stay the night before. It is also a good idea to organize where you will stay the night that the hike finishes.


Where to park the car?

We don't have any off street parking. Most hikers doing the walk leave their cars on the street, some people leave it outside the Police station in Nelson St. Some accommodations have off street parking and allow you to leave your car on their premises when you book the night before the walk.  


How hard is the walk?

The walk can be challenging at times with hilly sections. People with average fitness find it a good challenge in some sections but get through it. People who don't train and have below average fitness can struggle with the hilly sections but seem to get through it all the same. Warmer days increase the difficulty. We can help make the days shorter by dropping you off up the trail at the start of the day - Just let us know and we will do our best to help. We have had 8 year olds complete the 6 day walk and many people in their seventies - although they are usually seasoned walkers. If you haven't walked more than 15 kms in a long time it is recommended that you do some pre-training including walking flights of stairs as there are uphill sections on the walk. We allow plenty of time in the day for a slow enjoyable hike.


Are there facilities on the walk?

The walk passes a few campgrounds that have toilets. The longest interval without toilets is approximately 14kms. 


What are the camping facilities like?

The Great Ocean Walk GOW campsites are in amazing locations and they have basic facilities. There is a toilet for each campground, a shelter with a bench, seating and 2 - 3 walls. There are also tables near some of the campsites. There are no showers at the GOW campgrounds. There are showers at Princetown, on the 6 day walk you will stay there on the 4th and 5th night. On the 4 day walk you will stay there on the third night.

Where does the Great Ocean Walk start and finish?

The walk officially starts from the Apollo Bay Information Centre and finishes at the 12 Apostles near Port Campbell.

How do I get to Apollo Bay?

From Melbourne, there is a Vline service to Apollo Bay. The service is a train from Melbourne's Southern Cross station to Geelong, then there is a bus transfer to Apollo Bay from Geelong.


Will I have to share a tent?

You will never have to share a tent with someone you didn't book with.

What do I need to bring?

Pack 2 bags, a day pack that will carry everything you need during the hike and an overnight bag full of everything you don't want to carry on the walk. Your overnight bag will be transferred to camp. During booking we send an email with suggestions on what to pack.   


How much water do I need to bring?

Heat is a big factor to how much you will drink. Generally in Spring and Autumn people will drink between 1.5 - 3 litres each day. In Summer and hot days you should pack at least 3 litres. You can fill up your water bottle at camp with water that we bring in.  

Do I need to book campsites?

No. We book the campsites because it will make it easier for you and it saves mix-ups.

Is there anywhere to buy food or water on the walk?

It's very limited on the Great Ocean Walk. There is a small shop at the entrance to the Cape Otway Lighthouse that sells snacks and drinks. Princetown has a small General Store that isn't always open. There is a kiosk at the car park at The Twelve Apostles.

What are the risks exposed on the walk?

There are a few risks associated with the Great Ocean Walk just like other bushwalks. Some sections are on clifftops that are not fenced off. There are tripping hazards such as rocks and roots. Some coastal sections have rock scrambles (walking through a pile of small rocks). Some parts can be slippery when wet such as rocks and downhill sections. There are sections that can leave you trapped by rising tides. There are snakes on the walk. There are bugs and spiders. In the bushfire season (Summer) bushfire warnings are to be taken seriously. 

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