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All the FUN of camping without the FUSS!


Hike 2 Camp offers a unique experience on the Great Ocean Walk. Just carry your day pack and enjoy the spectacular views! Guide yourself to your arranged campsite. Sleep under the stars listening to the ocean. Wake up and have another amazing day on the trail. Camping equipment, food and transfers included.

Hike 2 Camp takes care of all the arduous aspects of hiking and camping. We pack up your camp and take everything forward to the next one ready for you. We have everything you need covered so you can just come and enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: Our FaceBook page has been hacked. We are unable to access it as they have changed our password and recovery email address. We are not sure how to regain control of our page because FaceBook is hard to contact. Only our FaceBook is affected, not emails or anything else. They have put a T-shirt for sale on our page, this was NOT done by us.

Complete The Great Ocean Walk from the official start (Apollo Bay) to the official end (12 Apostles) for an adventure you will never forget!   

From $890 

6 Day   Complete Great Ocean Walk

4 Day

12 Apostles Walk

If you're short on time or prefer a shorter walk then the 4 day walk is the perfect option. The walk excludes days 1 and 4 of the 6 day walk.

From $690 



September 2022 - 4th, 18th.

October 2022 - 2nd, 9th, 16th, 30th.

November 2022 - 13th, 27th.

December 2022 - 11th.

January 2023 - 8th.

February 2023 - 26th.

March 2023 - 12th, 26th.

April 2023 - 9th, 23rd.

May 2023 - 7th. 



September 2022 - 12th, 26th.

October 2022 - 24th.

November 2022 - 21st.

December 2022 - 5th, 19th.

January 2023 - 2nd.

February 2023 - 20th.

March 2023 - 6th, 20th.

April 2023 - 17th.

May - 1st, 15th.

Early bookings may be necessary for some dates.

Great Reviews across FaceBook and TripAdvisor 

The Great Ocean Walk sometimes called The Great Ocean Road Walk has become a must do experience in Australia. 

From Apollo Bay to the world renowned 12 Apostles the Great Ocean Road recedes inland leaving 100kms of secluded pristine south coast wilderness solely for hikers. 

Walk through various habitats such as coastal rainforests, remote beaches, high sea cliffs and see iconic Australian wildlife. Each part of the walk is unique and different to the last. Truly a hiker's paradise.

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